REVIVE is a ministry of Journey Mennonite Church that offers coaching to pastors and leaders who are pursuing church transformation and leadership development
Leadership is lonely and difficult at times. We wonder if anyone understands our unique challenges, and would be safe to talk with. There’s nothing like having a circle of like-minded leaders who know they are not alone, and want to grow in their leadership skills. This is why we formed Revive: “Coaching Church leaders”.  This is a tremendous opportunity for you to connect with other leaders, develop your gifts, and build a sustainable and joy-filled ministry for the present and the future. 
REVIVE can support your congregation by:
  1. Consulting on your church’s mission, vision and goals.
  2. Mentoring pastors and leaders toward missional transformation.
  3. Coaching ministry teams and high-capacity leaders toward greater effectiveness.
About US: 
Journey Mennonite Church is a multi-site congregation passionately following Jesus and engaging the communities where we live, work and play. The Holy Spirit has led (and continues to lead) us through radical transformation. Using the tools we’ve learned over the last two decades, REVIVE offers coaching to pastors and leaders who are pursuing church revitalization. Learn from our story, then carve your own path. Where is God calling you?
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Stay tuned for upcoming REViVE Events! Next REViVE Cohort begins Fall 2018!

Session I:

“The Heart of the Leader”

I King 18, 19:11-13, “Elijah…what are you doing here?”

Session II:  

“The Heart of God for People.”

Exodus 3:7-10, “I have heard the cries, the misery of my people, I have come down”

Session III:

 “Jesus’ Heart!”                                                                                                                                                 

Luke 13:34-35, Luke 19:41-44, Jesus’ heart breaks for the people in Jerusalem.

Session IV:  

“Understanding our Community”

Acts 13:13-34, Paul spends time observing and relating before speaking.

Session V:

 Incarnational/Missional Steps                                                                                                                     

John 1:14,”the WORD became flesh and moved into the neighborhood”                                                                                                                                                                          


REVIVE COHORT (Tentative schedule)

Leadership Understanding

  • Leadership style and characteristics
  • Congregational Assessment

Missionary Formation Residency (6 months)

  • An understanding of the Bible as God’s story of mission.
  • An understanding of the Church as the community shaped by God’s mission.
  • An understanding of Discipleship as complete surrender to God and his mission.
  • An understanding of a paradigm that now sees their neighbors not just as prospects to evangelize, but as people recklessly loved by God.
  • An understanding of the local context and culture as the place of God’s mission.
  • Imagination to creatively innovate expressions of the above understandings.
  • Above all, a motivation to personally live out God’s mission and lead others to do the same.

Develop strategies to lead forward

  • Historical timeline
  • Building leadership teams
  • Corporate discernment/Prayer
  • Vision Process, leading change
  • Mission Matrix
  • Big Idea resource for weekend teaching series


REVIVE Cohort Learning Methods

  • Self evaluation tools
  • Peer learning
  • 1:1 consultation
  • Attend two one-day learning sessions
  • Individual Congregation Coaching
  • Required reading material and discussion


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