We love kids and families!

We want our church to be a fun and meaningful place for your family and hope that you will partner with us in teaching your
children about faith.
We also believe that what happens in your home is really important. Statistics show that our children’s ministry will have 40-80 hours a year to impact the children who regularly attend our ministry programs. Parents & Guardians have over 3,000 hours with their children during that same year. For this reason, we put a lot of emphasis on Family Ministry. We want to equip you as parents to be the spiritual
leaders of your children.
Our goal is not to pack your already busy schedules with more things to do, but rather provide a few strategic programs & resources that will help your family discover faith together.

JourneyKids Values:

– Provide authentic worship experiences that are child-targeted
– Promote friendships among children and partner with families
– Teach the Bible creatively and in relevant ways for children today
– Involve children in church events, service projects, and encourage children to represent Jesus in their world